Don't Let Lack of Time, Money, or Bandwidth Stop You from Becoming a Published Author and Noted Authority in the Field of Estate Planning & Elder Law

License Your Copy of Protect Your IRA: Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes, Written by David J. Zumpano, Esq. and YOU (No Co-Authoring or Contributing Author on the Title...Your Name Right Next to Dave's Name!)

Use your book instantly to:

  • Offer the book to your community (referral sources, prospective clients at your workshop, facilities, etc.) in exchange for their full contact information (So you are not only educating them, but have the ability to market to them indefinitely!) for cheaper than it costs to print a brochure that they will never read!
  • Land TV and print interviews that endorse your firm and your unique value proposition services.
  • Position yourself as a legal expert for consistent speaking and writing engagements and workshops.
  • Get more referrals from complementary professionals who want to send their clients to an "expert and author" in the area of estate planning and/or elder law.
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Being a published author is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from other estate planning attorneys and position yourself as the go-to legal expert in your local community.

Perhaps you've thought of writing a book in the past, but you've constantly struggled to find the time, bandwidth, or financial resources to get a manuscript created and into print.

A licensing option through Lawyers With Purpose is your simple solution!

We Do the Heavy Lifting...You Reap the Rewards!

Through Lawyers With Purpose, you have the unique opportunity to co-author an authoritative, yet consumer-friendly estate planning book written by a nationally-known authority in the field of estate and elder law, David J. Zumpano, CPA, Esq.

What Exactly Does it Mean to be a Co-Author?

Simply that each book is uniquely customized to include your name first on the cover, your professional biography, a personalized introduction chapter, a personalized closing chapter and the bottom back of the book to be customized with YOUR law firm logo. All aimed at attracting YOUR "ideal clients."

All we require from you is the completion of a simple intake form and our designers will take care of the rest (meaning no time commitment, no haggling with vendors, and no astronomical publishing costs).

Lawyers With Purpose then will supply you with 100 new books for which you can:

  • Distribute in your welcome packages or give out during initial consultations. (This simple gesture will provide your prospects with something of instant value - setting you apart from everyone else in town vying for their business).
  • Use as a lead generation magnet on your web site. Offer these books in exchange for contact information and watch your house list grow in no time!
  • Give as a gift to potential referral sources so they can feel secure knowing their clients are in good hands with your law firm (remember - referral sources only want to send their clients to the best!)
  • And the list goes on...!

You will also receive a PDF version of your book - including a custom imprint that shows the publisher and copyright holder - so that you can offer copies as digital downloads online.

Readers Will Learn 5 IRA Mistakes to Avoid... and Why Planning Must Involve YOU!

Readers of your book will be taken on a journey through the top five mistakes of IRA planning in an easy-to-understand and empowering way. Each chapter educates readers on the benefits of advanced planning and working with a Lawyers With Purpose Attorney (and why this matters!), to properly safeguard their retirement accounts and make the very best decisions for the future. Section titles include:

  • Mistake #1: Trying to Avoid Income Taxes Now
  • Mistake #2: Incurring Unexpected Excise Taxes
  • Mistake #3: Losing Your IRA to Long-Term Care Costs
  • Mistake #4: Paying Income and Estate Taxes
  • Mistake #5: Naming Your Beneficiaries as Beneficiary

We'll Help You Market Your New Book, Too

As part of your licensing package, you will also receive a professionally designed marketing postcard template that includes your cover image, name, and contact details. Simply mail the postcard to your clients, prospects, and even members of the media to effectively market your new book.

What Your Peers Are Saying...

As an attorney-author, I know it cost me several thousand dollars in cover and interior design and other expenses, plus a year on one book and six months on another of my “free time” — time I could have been billing or enjoying with my family.  From personal experience I can say that actually writing your own entire book by yourself has no more value with clients, prospective clients and referral sources than “having” a book with your name on it as the presenter or co-author.  Book recipients don’t care; they don’t even ask!  They are just thrilled to get a free gift and more thrilled to get the educational information inside.  Giving out an understandable legal book has a “WOW” factor beyond any other marketing we can do.  People normally PAY attorneys for their knowledge.  By giving some knowledge first, we differentiate ourselves and become memorable—the “go to” lawyer.  Great ideas are always emulated.  I feel a sense of urgency to get my edition of LWP's IRA book out in the community ASAP—to be among the FIRST to provide valuable information in “the book method!”  LWP is a leader in our field by providing this incredible tool to its members at such an affordable price point.  You’ve made it so easy—we can have a book out in a month (!), compared to a year or . . . . oh, yeah, or NEVER!  You have provided us with incredible value and, in turn, we can provide it to our communities.  THANK YOU!

Debbie J. Papay, Maumee, OH

Take a Sneak Peek at the Back Cover

This book is not only designed to educate your prospects and referrals, but it is written in such a way to gently sell and convey the benefits of working with your law firm. From cover to cover, readers will begin to pre-qualify and essentially sell themselves on hiring you as their attorney. Take a peek at the back cover of the book to see how the promotion of your firm is handled in a professional, caring, and subtle way.

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